About Us

Raising Up Warriors is a team committed to hearing the stories of mental health champions and raising them up to be warriors in whatever battle they may be facing.

Every year, we host an annual event where hundreds of people from all walks of life come under one roof and stand in solidarity for the mental health community. The gala consists of guest speakers, a live band, spoken word poetry, a silent auction, mental health trivia, dance, and comedy. We have raised $5 000 in two years for community mental health initiatives! Unfortunately, this year’s much anticipated Raising Up Warriors had to be cancelled over COVID-19 concerns. Being the creative, innovative, and passionate team that we are, we wanted to find a way to keep people together in this time of physical separation. We hope this website uplifts, inspires, and encourages you. You got this – and remember, we are…Raising Up Warriors!

Our Mission:

To empower people living with a mental illness or mental health challenge to live their best lives; amplifying their voices; promoting mental wellness with an emphasis on hope and recovery; filling the gap in mental health support; and giving back to our community.



My name is Bre and in 2018 Raising Up Warriors was a seed in my head that has since evolved into a movement greater than I ever imagined. One could say I founded it, but I like to say it found me when I need it. I am a Bachelor of Social Work student and a certified disability manager. In my spare time that exists somewhere, I am a film director, I send snail mail, rollerblade and hope I don’t collide with the pavement, and I love to volunteer! Oh, and they say “passion” is my middle name and I wouldn’t argue.”



Hi, my name’s Matthew Beck, and I’m studying at NSCAD to be an interdisciplinary designer. I’ve always wanted to give my time and talents to charities, but only recently found myself in a good enough spot to do so. Breanna and I knew each other from high school, and I knew that this would be something I could help out with.



Hello friends! My name is Miranda and I’m a fourth year Psychology student at Dalhousie university. I have a long list of hobbies but above all I love to dance and make music! I’ve been dancing since before I could walk and singing since before I could talk, you could say that music is my passion! Another thing I am passionate about it ending the stigma surrounding mental health, which brings me to why I am part of the RUW team. Breanna had inspired me to join the cause after telling me about the RUW conferences she held in her home province of PEI. I am so happy to be part of the team



Hello, my name is Rachel. I'm a passionate and caring friend and single mother to a five year old girl who has always cared about standing up for what's right and ending stigma around many things mental health being the one that stands out most for me. As someone who has helped friends through times of mental distress, I have witnessed the stigma surrounding mental health which is what brought me to help with Raising Up Warriors. I want to be a part of ending the stigma. In my spare time I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, writing poetry, going for walks and spending time with my friends and my daughter.


Lead Blogger

She/Her. 24. Gay. Animal Lover. Passionately and proudly using my art and my voice to break the stigma surrounding mental health. #MM81 #YouMatter #RaisingUpWarriors #ItsOkayNotToBeOkay



Hey, my name is Chelsea! I’ve always had a fire in my heart for mental illness and the struggles we face with dealing with them! I’m like a crazy cat lady but for all animals! My favourite hobby besides photography is cooking and I love spending time in nature! I’m a fighter for all those left behind and believe that we are stronger together!


Former Lead Organizer

We must recognize Jenny Cooper as a fierce mental health advocate, who was a lead organizer with Breanna for the first two years. Her passion and vulnerability were paramount in our initial successes.

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