• Breanna Ching

Dealing with Unthinkable Grief

**Sympathy cards are available in the shop for just $2 (shipping and envelope included). Please consider sending a sympathy card these families.

I don't think I have the right words to say, because I don't think there are any right words when 22 people are murdered senselessly. I am devastated that my second home was hit so hard, and I think:

What if it was my pharmacist, whom I trust, just going to work?

What if it was my Grampie working on some sort of project, as he does?

What if....what if it was someone I knew and loved?

And here's the reality: it WAS those people - important, loved people - that died, just not related to me. They all had loved ones, they were bright and innocent and passionate and living their life. To their families -- please know my heart is broken for you right now, and please feel free to reach out to us through here or on our FB page if you need someone to talk to. We are here. We are not therapists, but we can listen.

What do you do? We will never "move on", but how do we move forward? Well, I think we do what Maritimers do best - we love and love and love until our love tank has given out all the love it has.

What complicates this is the COVID-19 safety measures. We can't give hugs. We can't gather together. We can't have in-person vigils, or cry on someone's shoulder outside of our immediate family.

This is one of the most tragic events in my lifetime, and has impacted - deeply - so many people.

So, no, even as a person with a laundry list of life experiences, I don't have the words. I find it difficult to provide comfort, when I can't hug you or cry it out together. This is a complicated situation to navigate.

Feel your feelings. Call a friend. Go for a walk and scream. Hold a candle. Pause for a moment. Don't rush the process. Take the time you need. Reach out -- if you need help, and reach out -- if you can provide support.

On Raising Up Warriors end, we will be designing sympathy cards that can be purchased for only $2 during this time.

If we can't be with these families in person -- let's flood them with cards of love.

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