• Breanna Ching

Do The Thing. Do it today.

As we have seen in recent months, and echoed in my final placement paper before entering the field of social work, is that tomorrow really isn’t guaranteed. I ended my placement paper with, “I want to stir change and I want to do it now, because one day there won’t be a tomorrow and I don’t know when that day will be.”

That thing you’re holding off on? DO IT. Do it today. There is not a greater time to start The Thing then right now, today. Trust me. Imagine if I had have let fear and uncertainly steer the wheel when I was accepted to the New York City film festival. What if I came up with excuses to not step into the role of a film director? I’m busy. School is too demanding. I already do enough. I’ll let someone else do it. On and on. If I let that hold me back, I would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime to speak hope and love into audience member’s lives in downtown Manhattan. That was The Thing for me, and the conversations that began as a result of my film made every penny and every second more than worth it. On days I feel BLEH and see so much oppression I wonder if doing The Thing is even worth it, I reflect on my experiences in New York City. It is worth it. It does bring joy to you and others. It makes a difference. For that elderly gentleman and 16-year old girl in line, both the same.

Recently, a friend was about to lose her grandmother and I intended to send flowers “thinking of you” and I allowed life to get in the way of placing a simple flower order and you wanna know what? I was too late. Her grandma passed away. A missed opportunity. It made me realize that our life is made up of big and little decisions that collide to make our life what it is. So, do The Thing, whatever that looks like today, and do it again tomorrow.

Don’t be too late. The only way you can ensure you aren’t too late is by doing it now. Nobody says they wished they’d waited longer when they are about to die. They say they wish they had have done The Thing.

I dunno what The Thing is for you. Maybe it’s starting a podcast or writing a book. Maybe it’s buying a bouquet for someone you are thinking of. Maybe it’s deep cleaning your apartment. Or maybe it’s a mixture of small and big Things.

I encourage you to finish reading this post and get up and just start The Thing. Take the first step! Every step comes easier after the first step. And if not for yourself, for me. For Cayla. For someone who never had the chance to do The Thing.

You matter. The world depends on YOU and fulfilling your dreams and passions is a way of saying thanks to this earth for housing you.

Make your mark. Make it count.


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