• Breanna Ching

How I Accidentally Became a Film Director...and How it Completely Changed Everything

I didn't know I was a film director.

In June of 2019, I walked into videographer Claire Fraser's Dartmouth studio. I spoke passionately at the camera, changed my outfit, shot twice and then left. The film was a personal project to honor my late friend Andrew Wartman. When the film was sent to me edited, the credits said, "Breanna Ching - director" Um... is that what I was doing??

Then, I got a text from Claire suggesting I submit the final draft to film festivals. OK, film has never been of interest to me, I had never attended a festival and certainly did NOT understand the process.

Emails rolled in...not selected. Halifax. Montreal. Boston. A 'Congratulations' email from New York City changed everything. Within a day I had funding for me and my mom to travel there, and I experienced the most magical night of my life. I was riding such cloud 9, I forgot we were on the Subway and we missed our stop! My head was bursting with new life and ideas and my heart was overflowing with joy and awe. The organizers asked if I would come back. I simply declined and said I was a one-hit wonder and had nothing more to offer.

Not true.

Because film festivals are online this year, I took a leap and decided to send my latest film around the world to places I would never get to personally attend: Portugal, UK, and Australia.

While the circumstances are not ideal, I am making the best of it! Next year is only 365 days away. :) I now embrace the title of director and work hard to produce challenging and thought-provoking films.

So when you find yourself in an unexpected position that you may not even feel qualified for, step in, embrace the unknown, and you may find it is the biggest blessing.

Life is full of surprises -- If you had asked me a year ago if I would win a film festival I would have laughed in your face.

Take what comes. Because accidentally stumbling into the world of film has changed my life and provided me with incredible opportunities.

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