• Breanna Ching


Many years ago, I moved to Saint John, New Brunswick, with high hopes of becoming a trauma nurse. I said “no” to several other universities and large scholarships because I was just absolutely positive UNB-SJ was right for me.

And it wasn’t. REALLY, REALLY WASN'T.

And that’s okay.

Because we don’t always have all the answers, and sometimes what we think is best and what IS best are not congruent. Sometimes, you gotta roll with trial and error. In my case, this was trial and ERRRORRRRRRRRR.

I suffered horrendously in New Brunswick. Perhaps the word is, “floundered”. After four months, with 1/8th of a nursing degree, I left.

I moved to Halifax, pursued a degree in Social Work, thrived, volunteered on the streets, worked in a pharmacy, sat on Student Group, guest lectured several times, made two award-winning films, and learned to live and love with those around me. It was a beautiful refining process of becoming a passionate advocate for social justice with the knowledge base to go out and do what I was made to do; what I like to call “passion channeled into action".

And now…now it’s time for my redemption story.

As of January 2021, I will be moving BACK to New Brunswick – Moncton – in a social work placement position of sitting on a committee to eradicate homelessness, and also working on the front lines to make that a reality. I have been passionate about understanding factors contributing to chronic homelessness and how we can address those factors and reduce their effect for a long time, so I could not possibly think of a more suitable placement position.

NB broke me, and now I’m going to BACK to help mend it.

My redemption story. My full-circle story. My “hey, you hurt me once and I refuse to let that define me” story. It’s amazing. I’m thrilled; I could not possibly be more excited. There is so much power in radically accepting what was, and dedicating yourself to a rebirth of what that place/thing/person is and means to you.

Redemption. It’s real. It happens. That “thing” that absolutely destroyed you and wrecked you beyond measure in your past has no say in your future. Create a new meaning. Re-write that narrative. Come back stronger. Show whatever the heck hurt you that you are tough as nails and ready for a comeback.

Here’s to waving goodbye, smiling, and jumping into a beautiful story of redemption and beginnings that erase the old story.

Not to say it never happened, but to say: HEY I’m stronger than what broke me. I'm here, and I'm here to proclaim this place is being flipped upside down from history into something profoundly beautiful.

With all the love and every emotion,


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