• Breanna Ching

It's Not Game Over! It's Game-CHANGE!

In just a few weeks, it will be my last "first day" of university, and I will embark on the very long journey from my bed to my desk. This wasn't in my plan...

I was set. 18 years old and I had it all figured out. I was moving off the Island 3 days after I graduated (which I did), travel for the summer (which I also did), start nursing school, graduate and become a trauma nurse, with the potential of continuing on to medical school. 

Solid. In fact, I turned down a $30,000 scholarship because I was convinced I knew what I wanted and how I wanted it and where I wanted it. 

Except that did NOT happen.  Not even close. 

I hated the university I started.  It wasn’t a good fit.  I ended up leaving with 1/8th of a nursing degree. That door closed, but I was convinced I still wanted to be a nurse so when I left the university I started at another university.  I clung to this dream of being a nurse. 


Their program was only open to residents of the province, which I was not. Door closed. I tried becoming a resident and I actually could not. Door closed.  I kept fighting to be a nurse, and I fought for a long time to bring it to life. Slam, slam, slam. I applied every which way in every possible form and every single time, I hit a road block. 

It seemed like it was game over. I hung up my stethoscope and decided I would accept the fact that nursing wasn’t going to transpire. 

I could have been bitter, and I was for a bit, until I realized it wasn’t game over. It was game-CHANGE time. I thought about what I valued, my strengths, the things that set my soul on fire. 

It wasn’t nursing after all, it was social work, hiding in the background, screaming my name while I pursued something that wasn’t meant to be. And now, as I enter my last first day of social work school, I can’t help but think: I can’t see myself anywhere else; this is my niche. 

Here’s to walking across that stage and saying, “DID IT.”  There were no roadblocks with this degree. It fell into place. It’s been life-giving and I am ready to enter this field. 

So when every single doors slams in your face, it’s not game over. It’s game change. And when you pivot into a hobby/career/interest that aligns with your values, beliefs, and lifestyle, it’s beautiful. 

It’s so, so beautiful. 

Allow the door to close. 

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