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Just Surviving is Beautiful Too

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

No medicine will quell bouts of sadness, stress, or anxiety. Of course, medicine is very helpful; it reduces the burden of symptoms and it is essential for the well-being of mental health warriors, but sometimes, it’s not enough – even when mixed with therapy, self-care, and a regular sleep and eating routine.

That’s why I’m telling you that just surviving – if all you can do right now is just survive – that’s just as beautiful as the CEO making millions sitting in a glass window office. Life is beautiful. You’re beautiful. And surviving, is sometimes the best we can do. Learn to be okay with that and find comfort in knowing that surviving is a feat. It’s okay if you didn’t have the energy to shower, or ate a frozen dinner. You’re here – and that’s what matters.

Society has the mentality that productivity = success. I say, define success however the heck you want. If your version of success is being a lawyer – go for it! If your version of success is making it out of bed tomorrow – I am SO proud of you! Don’t measure your success by someone else’s ruler.

My personal version of success = impact. Whether I impact one person or 10,000 I would consider my life a success if at least one person I crossed paths with was impacted positively by me.

There have been times in my life when I was “just surviving”. Honestly, through this pandemic, I’m nearing the “just surviving” mode, because I find it difficult to have limited social interaction and staying at home most of the time is challenging. How am I beating the #StayHomeBlues? It’s a combination of many things! I started an Etsy shop which has been keeping me busy! I cleaned out my old bedroom and made it into a work space for my creative projects. I go for a drive and walk every day. I recently started doing 20-30 minutes of cardio each morning. I’m writing a book (don’t ask for details – not available yet!), reading, finding new music and podcasts, calling friends and family, and of course…this website!

If you’re just surviving through this pandemic, please believe that is truly beautiful and I believe in you. If you’re alone, consider me a friend. <3

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