• Breanna Ching

#LiveLikeJazmin - terminal cancer can strip you of most things: but not love nor kindness

Maybe you know this because maybe you are one of the almost 4 million people who saw the TikTok video - my cousin Eythan married a terminally ill beautiful bride, Jazmin on August 19th, 2017. So yes, my cousin is basically famous, as he should be, because of the story he shares: one of love and commitment and sacrifice.

Jazmin died on May 1st, 2020.

I remember wearing a blue onesie and eating lasagna with my family when we heard and my heart hurt so deeply of her precious life, gone.

Imagine...23 years old, and your wife dies. It breaks your heart; it broke mine and it most certainly was/is a sad time for her immediate family. Now, Eythan is making TikTok videos of his life with Jazmin, which is truly a remarkable story of the vow: in sickness and in health.

I had the honor of meeting and knowing Jaz at their wedding in Ontario. That trip superseded a Caribbean Cruise, seeing all of Canada, and touring many states. Why? Because this side of my family that I had never seen since I was 2 years old embraced me for who I was, where I was. I was accepted by them and by Eythan's bride, who was gentle, unconditionally loving, selfless, slow to anger, and truly beautiful deep in her soul so far beyond her surface-level beauty (because she was gorgeous in every single way). I have met very few people as incredible as she was; she never made the conversation about the fact that she was dying. She was filled with peace, and her light shone in every room she entered. I truly can't put into words Jazmin - her faith, her love, her heart, her soul, her everything was oriented towards serving and loving, even though she was declining and dying of terminal cancer.

For most of the trip, I had lost my voice. Jazmin asked if I was okay. I was dealing with a minor inconvenience as she was battling terminal cancer in her early 20's and still asked if I WAS okay. That was her selfless nature.

Here at Raising Up Warriors, we want Jazmin's light on earth to remain strong. With permission from Eythan, we are starting a kindness challenge with the hashtag #LiveLikeJazmin

Post one random act of kindness you did, hashtag it on Facebook or Instagram, and challenge another person to do the same.

Kindness wins.

Jazmin's light continues to shine.

Let's be kind if for no other reason other than Jazmin - that is the only reason you need.

Buy that coffee for that person. Get some water for the man on the streets. Donate your time. Call a family member. Cook a dinner for a struggling family. Invite people into your homes...just... #LiveLikeJazmin

I'll start: yesterday there was a car accident at the intersection by my home, and I knew the incident was very close because the sirens stopped right by my home. I bolted downstairs, in my sweatpants and greasy hair, and ran to the accident. Not to be a spectator and not to get the "scoop" but to see if any victims or witnesses needed someone to debrief with - because that is something I can do without my knowledge base and general personality.



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