• Breanna Ching

Managing your Mental Health in the Midst of Chaos, Uncertainty, and a Pandemic

I don't really want to call it, "unprecedented times" because that word has been used by every person every day in almost every sentence. But we ARE in unprecedented times. I've never had a shield between me and a cashier. I've never seen pharmacists wearing shields. I've never waited in a 2-hour line for Walmart or maintained my distance. Yet, right now, that is our reality. It keeps you safe, me safe, and it flattens the curve so as to not overburden the healthcare system. The isolation, fear, anxiety, loneliness, pain, and boredom experienced by many can impact mental health dramatically. I wanted to list a few tangible ways to keep your brain fit during this pandemic.

  1. Make conversation small talk in those long lines with something NOT related to the virus.

  2. Tune into TLC or the FoodNetwork etc., to get a break from the news and be able to watch something lighthearted and fun.

  3. Stay active. Whether that is garage workouts or a walk around your neighbourhood, keep that body moving.

  4. Remember Corona can't kill kindness.

  5. FaceTime or call those relatives you're otherwise too busy to catch up with.

  6. Learn to cook a new meal.

  7. Find a new podcast!

  8. Do THAT thing you've been putting off.

  9. Eat dinner as a family.

  10. Find apps to boost mental health. My favourites are MoodMission and ThoughtDiary.

Most of all, give yourself some grace. We aren't perfect. Don't compare your life with someone else's highlight reel.

This too shall pass.



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