• Breanna Ching

#MotivationalMonday – If you don’t want to keep starting over, don’t quit.

The other day, as I was bouncing around my living room with weights and enough sweat to fill an ocean, my instructor said, “If you’re tired of starting over, don’t quit.” I have quit my home workouts several times, finding excuses and lacking motivation, until one day I woke up and said, “enough is enough, my body is resilient and it deserves the same care I would give anyone else.” So, I got back on track with workouts. I feel better physically and mentally. Every day I am becoming stronger. It’s a positive feedback loop; once you begin to see the benefits you want to keep pushing forward. It’s the same in social worker; there are days that bring us to tears, but the reward is worth the pain, and giving up on a dream out of fear is a huge loss of potential.

But what if the benefits are hidden, or will take years to manifest? What if we don’t see immediate success?

I am the QUEEN of quitting. If I am planning an event or even engaging in social work conversations in the class room, I will pull back right before I’m catapulted to new heights because it seems too tough, I feel too young, there are smarter people all around me, and…what if it doesn’t work/pan out, and is a total flop? Someone once said, “You finish, and whether you nailed it or it bites the dust, you did your best, so lay it down.”

Then I think of our first year hosting Raising Up Warriors; two young, passionate girls on a mission. We refused to back down. We tore through every obstacle and high-jumped over all the bars people said we’d never reach. Yet, we did. Twice. Both a raging success, financially and personally, by empowering individuals to share their story, and having a large gymnasium filled with people supporting the mental health community. I remember telling my co-host as we were tallying our total. I said, “I can’t believe this all came together and we ACTUALLY pulled it off. Go us.” As inexperienced as we were, we learned as we went and believed we could make it a success - and that's exactly what we did. Our biggest accomplishment was not shying away when the pressure started to mount.

There are at least two key components to our success over the years, and our future success. First, is accountability. Have someone in your corner asking, “Did you complete your goal?” and “Are you growing personally and professionally through this?” Accountability partners keep you on your toes and ensure you aren’t slacking in the exact areas you need growth in. Find someone who “tough loves” you; someone who will praise you, challenge you, and question you.

Secondly is perseverance. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Break down your goals into bite-sized chunks and tackle them one by one, prioritizing the most pressing tasks. Becoming a recognized Foundation is going to take a boat load of blood, sweat, tears, passion, drive, and the highest level of commitment. However...

I will not quit this race. I began it with a clear vision in my mind and I will patiently go through the hoops until we reach our goal, and even then, I will not stop.

On the flip side, if you have quit, remember each day comes with new opportunities to start again. A mishap is not permanent. Instead of loathing over the fact you “messed up”, take action and start again. Never lose sight of the "WHY" -- why are you doing this? Those reminders can serve as the grounding you need to keep pressing forward.

I remember taking a psychology course that I found extremely difficult. I wanted to drop the course. I wanted to flea from hard days. As a more mature woman now, I say: embrace those hard days, because in those moments the biggest growth happens. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Adopt that mindset.

And remember – there is grace. If you’ve quit or relapsed, start again tomorrow.

I will end with my favourite quote: the sun will rise and we will try again.



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