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My FINAL "Raising Up Warriors" farewell wish ~ Cayla's legacy

If you read my last post, you know that I am retiring Raising Up Warriors after several years of pouring my heart and soul into founding, building, running, and sustaining it. I have one final wish, and that is to raise $2,400 for my 24th birthday for "Cayla's Kindness Memorial Bursary". I have linked my email, breanna@raisingupwarriors.com to have e-transfers deposited into Cayla's Bursary secured and separate bank account.

To refresh your memory, this bursary will be awarded to a Souris School graduate who has overcome adversity and displays kindness in all that they do.

Every year, I get older. Shocker, I know, which makes my goal of raising an amount of money that matches my age more challenging with each birthday that rolls around. When I gave up birthday gifts (and have not received one since) at the age of 16, that was $1,600 to raise...now I'm turning 24! Yet, I am a big dreamer. Even in the midst of a pandemic, the world flipping upside down, economic suffering, I still believe that this is possible because I have witnessed the resiliency of my home town, my home province, and beyond. I have seen support, love, and encouragement flood out of Souris - a small town that has blessed me and rallies together when there is a need. And I think we can rally for Cayla. Her life on earth ended far too soon, but I am DETERMINED to maintain her legacy for years and years and years and years to come by providing this bursary to a student who exemplifies kindness.

I believe in us. Whether you are a person, a family, a business, a bank, or anyone else, and whether you are near or far to Souris, PEI, every donation will be received with gratitude and know that you are supporting a young, deserving graduate and honoring a beautiful life AND making my birthday project continue by making a donation.

Reaching this goal for my 24th birthday would allow me to let go of RUW with deep satisfaction knowing that my community and beyond supported a worthy cause such as this bursary fund.

Please share. It has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with keeping Cayla's light shining in this place. I just happen to have a birthday that I always use as a reason to support a cause close to my heart, and this is most certainly one of them.

Again, the email linked to her bank account is: breanna@raisingupwarriors.com

Other payments can be made via PayPal, cash, and cheque - send me an email! If you would like to be an annual donor, of any dollar amount, please also send me an email.

This project will run from today until January 19th, 2021. Two donors will be randomly selected for a $50 Dollarama gift card provided to us for this final birthday project after 9 years of using my birthday to give back to what matters.

All of the love,


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