• Breanna Ching

Oh, but what if you FLY?

One year ago today, I stepped onto a red carpet in Downtown Manhattan, dressed in a fancy dress and proceeded to the "photographer station" (I don't know what you call it!) where my picture was snapped in front of a film festival banner. This was my first taste of the film industry. Moments later, Lady Gaga's manager Shadille (who I still converse with!!!) asked if she could hug me. Asked if SHE could hug ME, as if she wasn't a celebrity manager and I wasn't a small town girl from Canada. Very few life experiences compare to that evening.

When my videographer suggested I submit my film to festivals, I asked her: but what if I am not selected? I held the belief that I was inadequate of reaching that level, and consumed myself with the negative WHAT-IF's.

Have you ever felt the same way? But what if we can't find the funds? But what if the weather cancels our wedding? But what if I never bounce back from COVID financially/physically/economically? But what if...but what if...

We think of all the things that could possibly go wrong and hinder our potential by saturating in the comfort zone and not propelling us into the growth zone. And maybe something will go wrong...but what if? What if it is even bigger, better, more incredible than you ever imagined? New York was beyond my wildest dreams; a chance I would have lost if I got scared of all the what-if's and consumed myself with possible negative outcomes - being selected, travelling out of the country with metal in my chest at the airport, finances....I chose to fly with the idea of a festival, and I WAS selected, security was no big deal with the paperwork of the implanted device, and my school paid for us to attend.

So, here's a change in narrative: but what if I AM promoted? But what if we DO get the house? But what if I DO feel better? But what if I DO find friends I can relate to?

It's so easy to get trapped in spiraling thoughts and endless what-if's.

Today, choose to ask yourself, oh, but what if I fly?



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