• Breanna Ching

Rejection Isn't In the Highlight Reel

You all know it. OMG BREANNA WAS ACCEPTED TO NYC FOR A FILM FESTIVAL!!! It's true, and it was absolutely the best night of my life. To see people soften their hearts towards mental health because of my film made every ounce of work worth it. The red carpet, the camera man, the people amazed I came from "Canada", the panel discussions, the hugs, the line-ups, the crew asking me to return...I left that theatre with a feeling truly indescribable.

And you know all that. You've seen the pictures and sappy posts.

That is my highlight reel.

The full story, however, is that I was rejected at every other film festival from Halifax, Montreal, and Boston. No one else wanted my art at their festival, and I accepted the rejections because I was a rookie. Yet, I kept pushing on, because I knew someone needed to hear my film.

And not letting the rejection stop me from pursuing more avenues opened the door to NYC and the floodgates for a passion I didn't know I had.

But, what if? What if I became timid after the first "not a finalist" email I got? What if I said, "that's it, clearly I'm not good enough." Here's what if: I would have missed the most incredible opportunity of my LIFE that I got to share with my mom.

It's okay to feel sad in the face of rejection. Please don't let it stop you though. Allow it to fuel you to keep fighting and believing in you and your work. Just because 4 people didn't see potential, doesn't mean the 5th one won't.

It's not about how many times you fall down, it how many times you make the decision to stand back up, wipe off the dirt, and press on.



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