• Breanna Ching

So, you heard I'm in the ICU, eh?

Since y'all know I've been admitted to the hospital I figured, well, I may as well write about it instead of hear-say!

On Monday morning, I woke up at 3am with the worst headache of my life, and nothing I did or took helped. I was awake for the remainder of the night unable to take the edge off the pain. That morning, I was slated to go to Moncton. First to the airport via Maritime Bus, then my uncle was going to drive me to Truro, where I would then take my car to Moncton for a house viewing (you know I'm moving to Moncton right? Okay, good.)

As I'm sitting in my uncle's vehicle, my teeth start chattering and my entire body is shaking which I assumed meant I was freezing cold -- not super uncommon for me! My uncle blared the heat but 45 minutes later when we made it to Truro I was still shaking. I went to my grandparents home and even with a jacket, three blankets, the heating pad, and a magic bag, I continued to freeze, which is when my grandparents drove me to the hospital. I waited less than five minutes to be assessed by a doctor. At first, she thought,"mehhhh, maybe something viral, observe for a few hours" until I spiked a fever of 40 C, that we could not break. At the same time, my heart rate soared to 166bpm and sustained that while I was just laying down on a gurney.

She called two specialists.

My blood cultures came back: pseudomonas aeruginosa. AKA: A doctor's worst nightmare. This bacteria that grew in my blood is the hardest to treat, even aggressively (we're talking 3 antibiotics here, 4x a day). It is major, it is severe, it is life-threatening, and absolutely not a bug a doctor messes around with. The ICU was full, but the specialist felt so confident I needed an ICU bed, he shuffled people around and found me a space.

And thus, I spent my first ever night in the ICU. The sobering reality that my body was so sick it needed intensive care is both terrifying while also being grateful I made it through the worst...I hope.

I am reminded of the blessings: the Dean of my school communicated with all of the faculty to pray for me; my grandparents live in this town of Truro; and they said if I kept driving I would have randomly ended up in a hospital with no one around, like Springhill.

The next day, the doctor informed me the infection spread to my bone marrow, causing extreme pain and fatigue. My "number" should be below 5 and it is 59.

Because this bug is so serious and "the closest thing to impossible" to treat, I will be here for a couple more weeks at minimum. I have received several messages of support and several messages asking what I need, being in a town I am not from, super unexpectantly, so here is a list:

- App Store gift card for games, help with school, mindfulness, etc.

- Amazon gift card for boredom busters

- Board game for 2+ people when I have visitors


It's hard. It's really hard and lonely and scary and frustrating. So I thank you for your continued love and support, because it is keeping me going.

Until next time,


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