• Breanna Ching

"Tear Up Your Room" to find those in need

This morning I lost my phone. I knew it was within range because music was still playing through my headset, but I COULD NOT locate it. I tore up my room looking for it, and as of right now, I still haven’t found it. It made me realize how much we rely on cellphones for literally everything. Losing it is like losing your memories, losing conversations with loved ones, etc.

But…it’s also a material object that is relatively recent. If I’m willing to tear up my room for an inanimate object, than I must also be willing to “tear up my room” for those in need. Scour through the mess and find people in need of encouragement, and carry them, or sit in the pit of darkness with them. If we are willing to invest in objects, how much more important is it to invest in relationships?

Love the unlovable – because there’s no such thing.

Weep with those who weep, and mourn with those who mourn.

Give generously.

Be willing to tear your bedroom up in pursuit of helping someone else who is where you used to be. Encourage them, champion them, be a shoulder to cry on. Don’t be an enabler; be empathetic which means attentive listening, suggestions, and then an action plan.

I don’t need my phone. I won’t have it after I pass away. I would far rather leave a legacy that I touched someone’s life than to say I responded to texts immediately.

Think on it.


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