• Breanna Ching

#TLCbyBre May 1, 2020

It's May! Yay! "May" this month bring healing, hope, and recovery to our province and globally.

Today's thought of the day: if you won't remember it in 5 years time, don't spend more than 5 minute thinking about it or dwelling on it! That guy who cut into traffic; that person who made a rude remark; that mess your child made; etc - will not matter in 5 years. You won't remember. Don't use up emotional space in your mind ruminating on it. Excessive rumination over the little things robs today of it's strength. Focus on the values you hold close -- family, love, acceptance, faith, health...and don't let a little thing ruin your day. The moment stung, but the day doesn't have to.



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