• Breanna Ching

Winning in Italy and other thoughts about believing that absolutely anything is possible.

Two days ago, my phone wouldn't stop pinging with emails. At first I assumed it was Michaels wanting me to buy their Fall decor, or Maskcara make-up wanting me to order more.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

In 48 hours, the film I directed received 90 (yes -- 9-0! As in the number after 89!!!) offers to be a part of their film festival. Some were short film awards, best director, best actress, best women's film, best mental health film, best independent film, and sooooo on.

It was overwhelming! I felt like the film I directed was not worth THAT!! I am a rookie; I've never been trained. I just simply used my natural creativity and wild imagination to bring ideas to life in a powerful way.

In the end, we accepted about 50 of the offers. I weeded through each offer and decided whether the festival aligned with my values and interests.

This morning I woke up to an email that blew me away: CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected as "Best Director"

Not best director in Halifax. Not even Canada. ITALY.

ITALY. Yeah, I can't really comprehend it either. I have no experience. I was up against people who do this as a LIVING. People who have trained in the industry, unlike me.

And yet...they wanted me.

I don't know why, and I'll likely never know what set us apart from the other stack of submissions.

But it's cool. It's REALLY cool.

So remember: you don't need to have all the training or be the best in this field. Do what you love and watch as it brings you unexplained benefits.

My biggest asset is that I am bold. I WILL just go for it, even when the odds are slim. Because as slim as the odds are, it's still possible. I don't need easy, I only need possible.

Chase those things you love but are unsure how good you are. It's worth it; so, so so, worth it! Go fot it. Be rejected sometimes. Win sometimes. Have fun.

Here's to virtual Italy and embracing that my side hustle is propelling far beyond my biggest dreams!!!



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